Monday, October 13, 2008

A Big Babysitting Weekend

Love at the Zoo!

Picnic on the floor!

As the Patton parents went off to New York city to celebrate their 10th anniversary the little Pattons were left with us ( minus Jude who went with Albert and Alik) to practice our parenting skills! We had them from Friday afternoon until tonight at 11 pm tonight and what a weekend it was~the park, the zoo, ice cream and mac-n-cheese, lots of laughs, some tears and many snuggles and giggles! we have had so much fun and can't wait until it is our turn some day.

I Love my Husband

My baby sister is 24!

I can't believe my baby sister is 24! Time goes by so fast! My parents and I flew out to Austin Texas to celebrate with her and had so much fun being a "family" ( minus Andrew) for the first time in a long time! It feels like yesterday that we were playing dolls in the playroom or getting ready for many memories. I miss my sister and wish we weren't so far apart, but it makes the times we do spend together that much more special!

Adventures in Africa!

It is an amazing thing to see where the Lord leads us! In the above pictures are some of my best girlfriends from college. Many nights during school we would stay up and dream about our futures. Who would we marry? What jobs would we get? Where would we live? A few years out of school we are starting to see these dreams come to reality. About a month ago we gathered to wish our dear friend Becca and her new husband Kellen goodbye as they headed off to Malawi, Africa to live and teach and serve the Lord in Africa! Never would we have guessed that right after school , Becca would travel across the globe to spend some time serving in Africa and come back with a godly man to marry! Their love story is so beautiful and a testimony that God is the author of our lives and the most unexpected and wonderful things can happen if we only put out trust in Him! We love you Becca and Kellen and are so excited to see what God does with you lives as you expend yourselves for the Kingdom!