Saturday, December 14, 2013


We spent a wonderful week with our family in Manteca for Thanksgiving! The cousins loved being together and hopefully have forgiven one little person for leaving a few bite marks :/ ... We relaxed, ate too much, planned a family reunion, slept in, went on walks, went on a date, celebrated Christmas and Papa's birthday and got lots of hugs and kisses. It was wonderful!
Jon took these beautiful photos of the kids. Thanks Jon!

 Ava LOVED holding Grady, and that is an understatement. Her first words every morning were "Can I hold Grady?" Thank you Ava for taking such good care of your cousin!

 Uncle Brian came to visit, bringing Christmas gifts to everyone. Thanks Uncle Brian for spoiling us!

 We had a relaxing Thanksgiving day 

One night we left the kids and had a quiet date- so sweet to have time alone with my man

 Papa had a fun surprise for the boys and had one of the Uncles restore this bike and trailer for the boys in Mets colors- isn't it fun?! 

 Annual Cousin Christmas PJ shot and celebrating Christmas 

 Weston received the biggest toy airplane and here Gabe is showing his excitement by hugging his new Cozy Truck- such a goofball!

Now we are home making it look like Christmas

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Little Love

Our fabulous brother-in-law is quite handy with his camera and just sent me these gems from when we welcomed our little guy into the world! Just thought I would share :)

It's been so wonderful and crazy going from a family of 4 to a family of 5. The boys just continue to love and kiss on their baby and are so sweet to run to comfort Grady when he cries. Such a sweet and full season with so much to be grateful for!
( and in case I paint too perfect a picture there are days of sleep deprivation and one little boy who likes to make a mess while I nurse- including poo poo on the rug and half a bottle of soap in his hair...which he sweetly replied "I was taking a bath mommy!")