Sunday, November 16, 2008

Andrew's Birthday Gift to Me!

Ever since we moved from quiet Camarillo to the hustle and bustle of the Valley, I have been craving some RR in the mountains! Something about the clean air, the big trees and the quiet brings my soul to a place of contentment and Andrew surprised me with a trip to Fazier Park for the weekend! Upon arrival, the entire town was closed down. We looked and looked for our key to the cute little bungalow Andrew had reserved, but it was no where to be found! Luckily a nice man felt sorry for us and helped us find where the realtor had put it! Then we get into our darling little place only to find that the much advertised fireplace/stove had only one measly log for our crackling fire delight! So we decided to try the heater...broken!! Well, Andrew wasn't going to let these minor issues ruin our weekend, or give us frost bite ( it was about 40 degrees inside) so he found a little saw thing and went out back! He came back with some logs freshly cut from the neighbors trees and we were quite comfy! Thank you love for a fabulous weekend away with my most favorite person!

Fun Birthday weekend!

Not only did my parents and mother-in-law come for my birthday, but Andrew rode his Harley for the first time! Harley? Yes, it is true...My dear father gave Andrew his Harley for our wedding present. This was definitely a surprise for Andrew! My dad has always wanted a son and now he has one! What better way to bond than cruising into the sunset side by side on motorcycles?! After a few thousand miles of local practice driving, they will be off on an adventure together, while my mom and I will will be on our knees praying for their safe return! ;)