Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting bigger! 20 weeks along

Half over already! We can't believe it. I feel Weston move everyday
now which is so amazing! He especially likes car rides and when we
watch a game on tv. Daddy is proud of that! The best was this past
Sunday as a dear friend was praying for us and for Weston's salvation,
he gave a strong kick in agreement!

Friday, February 20, 2009

God is so good!

I am truly amazed at how the Lord answers our prayers and blesses us when we are so undeserving! As of march 15th, we will be moving out of our one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom space with a back yard! We will have a driveway, backyard, a baby room, bedroom, office, kitchen, living room and a big bathroom complete with jacuzzi tub! All for less than we are paying now!!! The lady who owns the house is a Christian and uses this house to bless Christian couples by providing them somewhere affordable to live. Wow!

Since the time we found out that we are having a baby, I have been praying that the Lord would allow us to move somewhere less busy and with more space. We have been looking, but everything so far has been way out of our price range, especially since I will be losing my salary in July. I was having moments of worry and discontentment but have been able to give those cares to the Lord. And just when I was thinking that it might not be too bad and that we could try and make it work where we are, God blessed us with this opportunity! The best part is that it is a split house and the people living in the other half of the house are friends we know from church...the husband is even in seminary like Andrew! Built in fellowship!

Thank you Lord for continuing to provide for our every need~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy valentine's day!

Our second and last valentines day with just the two of us! Strawberry
pancakes this morning, a wedding this afternoon and dinner out
tonight. We are so grateful to the Lord for our marriage!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a ...

Hopefully you can see in the picture above, a 3d view of our little baby at 15 weeks! The baby is such a little birdie right now as the fat deposits have not yet begun to form, but will soon. The baby looks to be sleeping, but was actually very active for the ultrasound! It was hard to get good pictures, but the doctor managed to get a few really good ones!

Last month at our appointment, the doctor said that we would be able to find out at the next appointment the sex of our baby! Overjoyed I called my parents and they decided to come out to be there for the big unveiling! Well, on Monday all four of us huddled into the little room and I casually asked the nurse if we were scheduled for an ultrasound..."nope, not today! You are too early to find out the sex of your baby!" My heart sank! I replied, "But the doctor said that we would find out today and my parents have come all the way from Arizona for this appointment!" She replied, " Well, I don't know why the doctor would tell you are only 15 weeks along. He made a mistake. But you can ask him to check anyway, but you probably won't be able to see anything." I wanted to cry! Andrew consoled me and my mom said a prayer. I was soo looking forward to finding out and especially since my parents came. So when the doctor came in we looked with pleading eyes at him and he gladly agreed to do an ultrasound for us! What we saw was amazing! The baby is developing normally and was very active! Arms and legs moving in every direction and a strong heartbeat! My parents were amazed at the clarity of the image of their grand baby. They had never seen an ultrasound in person before! And then the doctor asked us what we all thought the sex of the baby was...we all answered boy except for my mom who answered girl. Then he said to my mom, "you are wrong!" He showed us on the screen the little boy parts that I thought were there all along! I have been guessing boy from day one and was right! We all had tears in our eyes! My parents first grand baby will be a little boy!

He is such a cute little boy already and we can hardly wait to meet him. We praise God for the wonderful experience we had together as a family and that the doctor was so kind to spend almost 20 minutes with us when he didn't have to.

His name is Weston Michael Gutierrez!
Weston-because we like it, Michael- because it is my dad's name and he never got the son he wanted!

Thanks for all your prayers everyone!