Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Thanks for all the calls and prayers! So the doctor has put me on strict bed rest until my next appointment, which is Monday at 2:45pm. Basically I can get up to use the bathroom and take one shower a day and that is it! And I will be taking the contraction medication around the clock every four hours. He hopes that the medication and bed rest combined will be enough to stop the contractions all together.
My mom will be coming today to help Andrew and I out for the week. We are very grateful to her and her service of love as she has just returned home from Michigan taking care of my grandpa who has had a hip replacement!
Please pray that I would use this time wisely to be in prayer and in the Word. In fact, please send me any prayer requests you may have, as I would love to pray for you! Also, the medication is pretty strong and makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I am praying that my body will get used to it, but we will see!
Thanks again!

Monday, April 27, 2009

My first IV

Sorry, I know this picture is kinda gross, but I am bored and thought
this might be blog worthy! Long story short, I have been experiencing
some contractions since last Tuesady, and was admitted last night for
a longer period of monitoring while receiving a fun dose of
contraction calming meds every two hours! The "fun" thing about them
is that they are 1) given in shot form 2) increase my heart rate as if
I have downed 3 venti lattes and 3) give me the shakes! But praise the
Lord that they seem to work on the spot to calm my " irritated"
uterus. ( this is my diagnosis so far) My wonderful hubby camped out
with me last night on our air mattress, since all extra beds had been
taken. The doctor will be coming in sometime this morning ( after he
performs a c- section!) to let me know what the next step will be. We
are peaceful and trusting the Lord and know that He will not allow our
little boy to enter this world until He decides Weston is ready! Our
plans are not His plans and what God has for us is better than we can
imagine! So far Weston is not bothered at all and is in fact more
active than ever before! He gave the poor nurse no rest last night as
he kept moving away from the perfectly placed monitors! He is already
a little stinker! We appreciate all your prayers for us during this
minor trial! Thank u!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

26 weeks! A growing boy

We just got home from our first day of baby classes! We had fun with
all the other bellies in the room learning how to care and feed our
newborns. Then we took a tour of the beautiful maternity facilities.
We are even more excited to have Weston and very happy with our
experience so far with our doctor and the nurses.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Celebrating Baby Weston

The Party Planners!
The fun decor

Before everyone arrived

Mets gear from mom
Sister even made it!
Future Grandpa, who is so excited
Thank you to our family who made this day something we will remember forever!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy 2 years!

Today we are celebrating our 2nd year of marriage! We can't believe
how fast the time has gone. The picture doesn't do the view we had
last night justice, but it was an amazing sunset on the Carmel coast!
I will post more later, but it has been a full weekend. Saturday was
the long awaited baby shower that andrew's sister, brother in law and
mom put together. They went all out and eveything was perfect! We
couldn't have asked for a better day for our baseball themed baby bash
under the new party tent Jon and Marci purchased ( more backyard
parties are in our future!) About 45 families members came and some
friends, and let me just say that our car is full from floor to
ceiling with gifts! We are overwhelmed at the love care showered on us
over the weekend. After the shower we celebrated Andrew's mom's
birthday with an Italian dinner under the party tent lit with stringed
lights! The next day Andrew and I hit the road for a little getaway to
Carmel,our favorite California vacation spot. It is also where Andrew
proposed. On the way we took our time and Andrew showed me where he
went to college and his first apartments. It was so fun to see where
all of his college day stories came from! We stayed two nights at the
Hyatt in Monterey. Yesterday was a perfect day ( this side of
eternity) and we spent most of it outside enjoying Carmel Valley and
Ocean blvd. The best part was our dinner overlooking the ocean at
sunset! We decided to stay in the lounge with our perfect view and
have appetizers for dinner which was so much fun! We did have a late
lunch where I put away a giant burger without any trouble! Today we
ate breakfast at our favorite little spot and took a rainy but
beautiful drive along the coast. Right now we are stuck in horrific
traffic, literally just sitting on the five, which is why this post is
so long! But at least we are stuck together. I will post more later
about the shower with pics, it was beautiful! Happy 2 years love! I
love u so much!