Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting more real

So last night Andrew's sister Marci and brother in law Jon drove all
the way down from Manteca to bring and assemble for us Weston's
nursery furniture! I have been so excited in anticipation never having
set up a nursery of course! I can't wait to put all of his little
clothes and things into the drawers and to make his crib all cozy for
his arrival in the next few weeks! I picked out the furniture at a
darling baby shop in Manteca where Marci works part time as well as
supplies them with little girl tuttus and bows! The owners are darling
people and have the most beautiful furniture! Thank you so much to my
mom in law for the crib (which turns into a full size bed later on!)
and to my mom and grandma for the dresser and bedding! Jon is relaxing
after driving and unloading and assembling the furniture, you guys are
the best and we love u! ( p.s. Marci is also pregnant with our second
niece Ava Grace! We can't wait for the cousins to play together!)

My helpful hubby!

What a great guy! Not only has he been more than willing to suit up in
the yellow gloves but he even braved the grocery store to purchase
more when we got a hole in the last pair! You might be thinking that
we are wimpy for washing dishes with gloves on everytime, but our new
place has no temp control on the hot water! I am so grateful to my man
for taking on the extra chores while I stay put growing this baby.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Word Fu Fanatics!

This post is really for my mother in law and brother in law who have
started a healthy family competition with Andrew! Word Fu is an I
phone application that is like scrabble on speed! You try to create as
many words as possible as the timer ticks away and is accompanied by
ninja fighting noises! Not sure who decided to put words and ninjas
together, but it is pretty funny! I gave up on the game after five
minutes. I enjoy good old fashioned scrabble where u get all the time
in the world to come up with your words, but I do enjoy watching
Andrews new obsession with this silly game! Below are his highest
scores which he is very proud of! (and loves to announce them to me
daily!) thank you kerri for getting your son addicted to this! Now I
must compete with the Mets and Word Fu for Andrews affections! Just
kidding! For anyone wishing to join in on the madness, this fun game
costs a couple of bucks for hours of entertainment!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bedrest update

We had our Doc appointment this morning to see how I am doing on bedrest. Dr. Frields was happy with how I am responding to the medication and it seems that this past week the cramping has gone down some. Thank you for all of your prayers! He said that I could try adding a few little activities to my day to see how my body handles it. Yippee! I won't be jogging anytime soon, but I hope to try and make dinner tonight and see what happens. I will continue with the same amount of medication everyday for now. Weston is growing well and we heard another strong heartbeat which is wonderful. In 2 weeks we go back in again to see what to do next. We will also have an ultrasound to make sure that Weston is developing properly. I can't wait! It has been 10 weeks since the last one and I am so curious to see what our little boy looks like now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Visit with the Grandparents to be!

This week my mom has been here helping us once again and it has been such a blessing! We have been doubly blessed to have my dad come into town for the weekend. He had not yet seen our new place and we were excited to spend some time with him too! Just some fun pics below of this weekend so far with them. Andrew and my dad drove around town friday afternoon getting the car washed and showing him the "sights" in Burbank. They came home with a horseshoe game set and quickly set that up in the backyard! I have fond memories of this game. Ever since I was a little girl my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins would play Horseshoes on my grandparents farm in Michigan. Anyone up for a game of Horseshoes? Come on over! Later that night my dad tackled putting together our baby jogger stroller and we all studied the perplexing directions on how to install the carseat! I think we will wait for Andrew's brother-in-law to come and help us! ( He is a paramedic and is "car seat certified"- very official!) Then Saturday, as us girls headed off to Weston's baby shower ( I will post on that soon!) my dad and Andrew took advantage of the beautful weather and hit the road for an afternoon of motorcycle riding! ( oh, not sure what I hit, but I can't figure out how to get rid of the underlining above! Sorry!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

Yesterday I escaped from my housebound state to witness the beautiful wedding of our friends Matt and Amy! I was given permission from a nurse as long as I stayed sitting down and rested afterwards.
Not only was it wonderful to see our friends become one before the Lord and all of us who love them, but Andrew officiated the wedding! This was his very first wedding! He did such a wonderful job. I couldn't help but take a few pics of him in action.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Amazing Parents

Thought I would pay tribute to the people who brought me into this world and let you all know how wonderful and fun my mom and dad are! My mom is a tireless worker always serving and helping wherever she can. She gets so much done in one day and gets up the next day ready for more! She cooked, cleaned and fed Andrew and I for a week with a smile and hugs and kisses everyday. Pictured below are the goodies she baked while she was here. Yum! My dad is an amazing business man but also someone his employees love! He gives it his all and thrives under intense pressure. He also has many hobbies on the side like rocking out in the company band ( pictured below), running, cycling and restoring cars and motorcycles! They will be adding a new skill to their repertoires this summer by becoming grandparents. They both can hardly wait and I know Weston will be so blessed by their love, just like we have. We love you so much mom and dad!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Continuing to learn

Well, it looks like I am home for another 2 weeks on bedrest ! We went
to the doctor yesterday and he decided that would be best for now and
to also continue the medication. Baby is doing great as my
measurements were good and his heartbeat is strong! I love hearing his
heartbeat! Thanks for all your prayers.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Things I have learned on bedrest

1. How fast the day goes by even when I am doing nothing!
2. What a privilege it is to be able to go to work
3. That laying on my couch and watching a movie at 3 in the afternoon is good for me! ( doctor's orders!)
4. I will never complain about doing housework again, I can't wait to pick up my vacuum and mop and to be able to clean my own house again! ( thanks mom for all the work you have been doing!)
5. How much you actually can do sitting down
6. That I am prideful and the Lord is using this time to humble me and force me to allow others to take care of things that I "should" be able to do for myself
7. How grateful I am for our son and to count each day as a blessing that he is healthy and staying in my womb
8. The numbing sensation in the lower parts of my body means it is time to move to a different couch, chair or bed
9. The blessing that family and friends truly are and how we need eacother in this life to encourage and help one another
10. What a wonderful husband I have who daily supports me and loves me! I am so grateful to have Andrew by my side :)