Friday, November 28, 2014

Amazing Grace

I have loved this church for so many reasons so I thought I would list them! 1. Hymns - the first time I attended worship here I wasn't so sure I could do the hymn thing, but now I see the folly in my thinking. How rich the stories they tell, the poetry in the way they are written and how they capture the awesomeness of our God. Modern songs often miss the mark. And I love hearing about the saints past that wrote them. They are a beautiful part of our Christian heritage. Now we sing hymns in our home like "Amazing Grace" and many others our kids love to hear.
2. Weekly baptisms- such a joy to hear testimonies every week of how God changes hearts that once hated Him into children in His kingdom!
3. Our pastor- Andrew and I have learned so much from this faithful preacher. He is loved by thousands but that hasn't puffed him up. He is so humble and makes sure that Jesus Christ is the only one his messages focus on. I can only think of maybe 3 references he made of himself in messages and that says something. His desire that God's word go to the ends of the earth is happening through the steady stream of pastors and missionaries trained and sent from here and the free media that all can access. He unashamedly expresses his passionate love for God and God's Word like David did, and that's what I've learned the most from him. How precious the gift of the Bible is because it speaks of our precious Savior.
4. The people - I've learned from God's people here what it means to serve. Not just when it's convenient or when it feels good, but the Christ like getting down on your knees and dirty kind of serving. We have never had a need go unmet. And we have been humbled by the examples we have seen of true service.
5. The children's ministry- our kids have grown up here spending countless hours, good days and bad days with the dear nursery workers and Sunday school teachers. They often go unnoticed but their ministry to His little ones is close to God's heart. Our kids have always had a hard time adjusting to the classrooms and they have been shown such love and care. They are also taught so well at a young age the truths of the Bible. We knew dropping them off they would be cared for physically and spiritually.

We loved our years here and feel we have been given so much. We can't wait to love and grow with our new church in Prescott! The church isn't a building or location. It is His people. Pray with us as we go to build His church!

Friday, November 7, 2014


This is the last fall mantel I will decorate in this house, in California! Yep...that's right, we are moving and soon! Andrew has accepted a position in Prescott, AZ to be a senior pastor of a church plant and we are so excited. It is also a bittersweet time. We have been blessed with relationships that have had years to grow and saying goodbye will be heart wrenching. BUT
The Lord has worked out the details and timing for all of this to unfold during a season of thankfulness and joy celebrating God's goodness and it couldn't be more perfect. 
Even though there are many unknowns in our future, God knows every one of them and He is a God who provides and cares for every sparrow and more importantly every child of His. We are never to worry or be anxious despite our temptations to do so because He tells us not to. We can rest in His love  when hard times, good times, uncertain times, happy and sad times come because we know He is in control and He is always with us. No matter what circumstances change- He doesn't.  Can you tell I am preaching to myself? :) 
I can't wait to share more of all that is happening but to sum it all up, we are Grateful. All that is happening is undeserved and we are so humbled by this opportunity to be used and stretched like we have never before. The new friends and fellow believers we will be joining in a few short weeks are some of the sweetest, caring, genuine and generous people we have met. To start a church that has been prayed for, for many years and in a place that hungers for the clear teaching of the only source of Truth is so exciting. Our family gets a front row seat in the making of something so beautiful! Please pray with us and for us as we help plant Canyon Bible Prescott. Stay tuned...!!!!

"Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. For great is the Lord and greatly to be praised" Psalm 96:3-4a