Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Our little guy was shy again this week with his face towards my back, but we did capture him sticking his fingers in his ear! Kind of a weird and creepy pic, but that's all we got today :)

His rate of growth dropped just a little more, but he is still in the safe range, thank God! I am still on 6 hours of bedrest/day but need to try to keep almost all of that time laying down on my left side. Please pray for me to be diligent to do this- we are in the home stretch and I want him to be as big as possible. I have been sitting or reclining alot since my hips have really been bothering me, but the doctor says this doesn't give the best blood flow :(. Unfortunately what I need to do is lay directly on my hips, which is the most painful!

On the brighter side- I asked if the baby was to be born full term at this lower rate of growth, would he be ok? And the doctor said he will be small but totally fine if he doesn't drop anymore! Good news. Right now his rate of growth is in the mid 20's in percentile (50 being normal) and the concern would be that he drops back into the teens which he did in the second trimester.

Thanks so much for your prayers and we should have another update in a few weeks!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Going thru a trial? READ THIS!


just wanted to share with you a nugget of gold that my friend Jenny posted on her blog...
She is an amazing woman of God, well acquainted with trials, and her perspective is so refreshing and convicting. PLEASE read this, you won't be disappointed!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun with the cousins!

Well, the cousins really enjoyed their week together playing and sharing! I wish we lived closer so that the kids could be together more often...they were so cute. Weston didn't even mind all the girl toys :) His favorite by far was Joy's pink play kitchen- we may have a future chef on our hands! It was a long week away from Daddy, but we had so much fun and were so thankful for all the care and rest we got. Thanks so much!
Yes, that's a Barbie in a bikini, but he was having so much fun!

Papa with all his babies

With uncle Brian at Ava's first birthday party. It was a "Sweet Shop" theme and soooo darling! I failed in picture taking that day, whoops! But I did manage to catch Andrew enjoying the treats!

Friday, September 17, 2010


We are back at home, barely, packing up again for a Bible study retreat this weekend in Anaheim! I am excited for our group and the "family time" we will be having together. Andrew and 2 other leaders will be preaching on things specifically related to our group and it should be very encouraging.

Andrew's mom is here with us this week and will be coming as well to the retreat and we have been so blessed by her and her service to us, Weston and our home. She drove us down from Manteca on Monday, and I will hopefully posting some pics from our trip up there soon.

On Tuesday I had an appointment with my regular OB and we found out that the baby has turned around in the "head-down" position! I am so excited since Weston was breech...this is one thing on the list of many that needs to happen for me to even possibly dream of having a natural delivery. We are praying he stays happy upside down for the remaining weeks!

Today I went into the specialist for the detailed sonogram checking his growth. My poor little guy has declined a bit ( by 15%) in his growth rate so that means I need to do more resting than I have in the last three weeks. I am feeling like a bad mommy today, since I know that I have not been trying as hard to get a solid 6 hours/day of bedrest. It is so easy to just keep popping up off the couch to get this, or do that! Please pray for me and my self-discipline. I also do not want to frustrate our dear family who are working so hard to help us right now. I need to do my part! But the baby is still in a safe range with his growth, the doctor would just like to see it go up a little higher. I go back in 2 weeks and will update then! Only 9 more weeks to go...yay!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We're getting bigger!

Both of us are growing :) Weston is taking his time finding his balance and practicing walking, but we shouldn't be far off now! He is gaining more and more confidence these days at his cousins house and is quite proud of himself as you can see. Baby #2 is also coming along at 29 weeks in this pic and we hope to hear a good report next week at the Dr. We will let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cousin Love

We are in Manteca CA for the week being taken care of by Andrew's mom and sister for the week and also to celebrate cousin Ava's first birthday on Sunday! Last night we took a little drive...down the road we noticed that Weston and Ava were holding hands without being prompted! So sweet :) They have been playing and sharing toys and snacks as well. It has been so much fun to watch the cousins together and we can't wait to see what other sweet things they do this week!