Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trip to San Diego

Last weekend we jetted down to San Diego for a very quick but very overdue trip to visit our friends Matt and Kamian and their first house as newly weds (kind of!) Kamian and I have been friends for ages...since high school and then we were also college roomies for a year too. We left late Friday night after Bible study arriving around 1 am, so that we would have the full day Saturday to hang out, leaving by the evening to be back home for church Sunday. Whew! The trip was definitely worth it. It was so wonderful to catch up! We enjoyed seeing their darling house and all the work that they did themselves. It was built in the early 1900's out of stone. It has so much character and charm.( I didn't manage to take a pic of the outside though! oops!) Kamian then made us lattes and sourcream banana pancakes before we headed off to Balboa park. We ended the day with a movie on the couch and then dinner at a really yummy Mexican joint around the corner before heading home. Thanks guys for a wonderful time!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thankful for my man

February is always a special month, not only for Valentine's Day but it is also the month that the Lord brought us together! God brought Andrew into my life at a point when I least expected it- showing ever more His abundant grace in my life that is so undeserved :) I am so thankful for him for so many reasons and as I look back remembering those first dates, I just thank God for him and for the wonderful husband and daddy he is. We enjoyed a nice night out Valentine's Day while our friends watched poor cranky and teething Weston. I felt so proud to be on Andrew's arm. He was so sweet and let me pick each spot we went to for our date! First we walked around the Americana and then ate at Cafe Primo, which was yummy and quick and has a great atmosphere. Then we got coffee at my fav spot, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Then a big cupcake from Crumbs bakery to bring home and share later! Thanks love for loving me so well and for a great date!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day!

We were in Newport Beach this weekend for a church retreat that we were very much looking forward to! What beautiful weather we have been having and it was nice to get away for a bit. We just got back and look forward to a little date out tonight to celebrate Vday. Our dear friend Hohn and his visiting girlfriend :) and sister will be watching Weston for a couple hours. We are so excited for our date! This morning in the hotel room we exchanged our Vday cards and candies and I snapped these photos. Weston's shirt says " I Love Mommy's Kisses" The nudie pics below were from last week when Weston and I were stuck home sick with colds and I couldn't think of anything better to do to make us feel better!
Anyway, I just love Valentine's day because it is a day that allows you to celebrate the blessing of loved ones that the Lord has blessed us with. Enjoy your friends, hubbies, babies, parents, siblings etc. today and pass out those hugs and kisses! XOXOX

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sitting Proud

Well Ladies and Gents, he has finally done it :) Yesterday Weston officially sat and played without being supported! I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought I would let him try it and when I plopped him down on the bed with his toys, he just sat there and played! Truly amazing :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Foot in my mouth!

This weekend we had some dear friends come up for the day to visit us and to meet Weston for the first time! During lunch we were sharing stories of how each of us at different times have said something when, ya know, we shouldn't have! Amanda's story was about congratulating a lady on her pregnancy when she wasn't pregnant and mine was calling a boyfriend by a different name...oops! Well I think our story telling set me up for a later embarrassing moment that occured later Saturday afternoon....

We were walking around downtown Burbank and stopped into the dollar bookstore. Really neat place! While we were browsing someone up front belted out this really great Italian opera sounding song. Kinda random in a book store, but ok- we thought it was fun! When we went up to the cashier to purchase our cheap books Amanda asked the guy behind the counter if he was the one who did the singing. He proudly said yes that was me. Then here comes my lovely moment... I say " Oh that's must work in a cute Italian restaurant or something and sing to couples during dinner right?" Proud that I had figured this guy out- He looked at me and stated plainly, " No I sing in the opera" OOPs!!! I wanted to crawl in a hole :)

Moral of the story- if you bust out singing in a random public place, people like me will never take you seriously!

Monday, February 1, 2010

7 Months and Counting

Andrew and I were just saying to each other that Weston seems to have changed even this week, growing ever more aware of his surroundings and becoming so much more playful! Speaking of playful, we had a fun time with our dear friends the Dolieslagers on Saturday. Andrew and Duane, pictured above with Noah, have been friends since 3rd grade and Duane's wife Ashley and I have become great friends as well! We have grown so much closer this past year as we both went thru pregnancy with our little guys at the same time. Noah is just 11 weeks older than Weston. Ashley received many phone calls from me during my pregnancy asking if this pain is normal, or if that weird symptom should last long, etc. :) We went over to their darling condo and the guys played with their boys and the girls cooked and of course talked about our guys and boys! As you can see from the pics below that Noah and Weston are on their way to becoming great buds just like their dads. Noah shared his comfy high chair and Weston shared his paci with Noah...Ahhh true friendship, sharing germs.

Looking like such a big boy- "sigh" my heart is already breaking
Not quite sure about eachother yet
Getting aquainted
Noah going in for the kill
Success! Weston isn't bothered, he loves those fingers just the same

Thanks guys for a wonderful night!