Thursday, October 31, 2013

How it all Happened...

We still can't believe that we have another baby in the house! This pregnancy flew by for me for a couple reasons: 1. I had 2 other little people to distract me from looking at my belly all day like I did with my 1st :) 2. I never had to go on formal bedrest, which makes the days seem very long. I was on bedrest for 10 weeks with Weston and 4 months with Gabriel. I am still thanking the Lord that despite constant contractions for most of the pregnancy, I didn't actually go into labor until 38 weeks! It was actually kinda fun for me to feel what real labor is like, although I wasn't in labor very long before Grady was delivered. It seemed weird to me that I had 2 kids but never went into labor! 

Here are a couple pics with the boys and the belly a week before Grady came. The boys were so very sweet the entire pregnancy, kissing my belly, talking and singing to Grady and asking all sorts of questions. I had no idea how much fun it would be to share pregnancy with kids who kind of grasp what's happening!

Sunday night, the night I went into the hospital, was very quiet in the hospital and the whole thing happened super fast since there was nothing else going on there. When I heard my baby cry for the first time I had to tell myself- "this is it! He's here! That's your baby!" I still couldn't believe he was here!

Sunday was also a crazy day because we had been up all night with Weston the night before who was crying from ear pain and I couldn't sleep because of intense contractions. The next morning we decided that Andrew should still go to church and preach and I would keep him posted if things got too crazy at home. I was tempted to call him a couple times but managed to hang in there until he got home around noon. As soon as he walked in the door he took Weston to urgent care, since he was getting worse, he had a double ear infection! Then Andrew dropped Weston off and whisked me away to the hospital! Kinda crazy :) Our sweet baby sitter and her mom came and stayed with the boys until Andrew's mom could get here that evening. Whew!

Here's the peanut the next morning. Isn't he such a cute little thing?
We had a wonderful room with a view this time at the end of the hall- it was so quiet and peaceful which was nice since it was my hardest recovery in the hospital so far. 

The next day Andrew's sister's family came as well as Andrew's dad to take care of the boys while we were in the hospital. The boys were SO happy to have their cousins to play with.

Andrew's mom took Weston to a hotel one night to give him and the rest of the house a good night's sleep since he was still in some pain from the infection. He felt pretty special to have Nanni all to himself and to sleep in a hotel :)
Grady had some super sweet visitors in the hospital


Another mommy from our church had her baby a couple days after me- here are the 2 new friends getting acquainted 

 Going home!

1st car ride

More pics to come of Grady's first few days home and how his brothers have loved getting to know him

Monday, October 21, 2013

He's here!

Grady David Gutierrez
6lbs 3oz
10/20/13 7:46 pm

Someone decided to be unpredictable and came a few days early! I started going into labor last night and despite attempts to stop labor - it was time. All went quickly and so far this guy is an excellent eater and sleeper! We are praising The Lord for our precious little boy!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Counting the Days

Well we are 15 days away from welcoming Grady into our family! If all goes well I am scheduled to have a c-section on October 25th. The days are flying by and we are sooooo excited to meet our little guy. The Lord has been so faithful and has given me such a different pregnancy with Grady. I have managed to stay off bedrest thus far and although our guy is likely to be a lil peanut like his brothers at birth, he may be our biggest boy yet! We are hoping for a whopping 6 lbs this time :)

We were celebrated in major style a few weeks ago with a baby shower from our high school staff gals. They went over the top in preparing a special night to celebrate Grady! I was so blessed by all their hard work, the amazing food, gifts and most of all their friendships. 
The shower was perfectly themed to match Grady's nursery, so after the shower I finished off his room with the decor they used. A VERY special thank you to Carly and the girls for hosting it and all that you did. I will never forget being so pampered!

We had dinner outside with candles, twinkle lights and lanterns!

Every spot in the house was decorated :)

So many yummy fancy desserts and a delicious dinner

Here is his nursery all ready for his debut

Grady- we love you to the moon and back and can't wait to meet you!