Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weston Goes to School!

We can't believe the day has arrived to send our first baby off to school! We started the day with streamers and donuts ( bubs fav treat) and our little big guy was super excited for his first day. The night before I was feeling a little sentimental that the stage of life with all my babies home is over. I have loved every moment, even the hard days but I am also excited for what's ahead. Weston is just loving school and thriving in his new environment. We are so grateful for the school he is in and his teacher is such a sweet encouragement. We are so grateful to the Lord for this fun beginning!
For the first day of school they had the kids bring their teddy bear for a familiar comfort from home and it did just the trick

 And we had the special treat of having Nanni with us too

Watching these guys walking into school made me tear up

On the way home from school Weston said he wasn't tired but in a few minutes he was out cold :) Still my sweet baby