Sunday, August 24, 2014

Camp Regen- Summer Part 3

Next up for us was Summer Camp with our high school students. We decided to bring the kids this year so they could see all that Daddy was doing, and we knew they would love to be a part of the crazy that is summer camp :) In fact lots of friends joined in the fun and we had our own little peanut gallery. Our sweet and amazing babysitter came with me as well so that I could attend some of the sessions, it was such a blessing. The fellowship and relationships that form during camp are so special that it is always worth it to come despite the challenges of bringing 3 small people anywhere for a week. Halfway through the week the kids got pretty sick and then we had a little accident right after getting home. Grady rolled off the changing table onto the hardwood floor and became drowsy and out of sorts so we took him to ER but God is gracious to us and he was just fine! 
Highlights of the week were riding a mechanical bull( weston and mommy!), seeing hundreds of teenagers passionate about their Savior, staff members doing a sing off dressed in 80's garb and late night conversations with the sweetest of girls.

In-N- out stop on the way down to camp

Gabe had no trouble getting settled
 Watching the awesome camp games from above with a perfect ocean view all week- not too bad!

Grady was a fav of course with the girls
 Sweet brothers during one of the sessions
Grady love playing with his monitor cord at his first ( and hopefully last) trip to the ER

Friday, August 22, 2014

Family Reunion- Summer part 2

We had a very special time celebrating these very special brothers and sisters at the Gutierrez family reunion in San Diego. Every few summers this family of 14 siblings and their families get together and they have so much fun!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

La Jolla- summer part 1

A week by the beach with Papa along was just wonderful and relaxing- we had time to tickle our toes in the sand, ride scooters everyday, fly kites, eat gelato too many times and wake up to salty sea air after falling asleep to the sound of the waves.