Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The biggest French fry

Thought I would share with u all the biggest fry we have seen to date!
During our move we grabbed some healthy dinner at Fat Burger down the
street to regain our energy. Andrew was the lucky winner of this giant

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First baby shower!

If u don't know Suzie Muxlow, u are truly missing out! She is someone
to admire and look up to . Andrew and I met with Suzie and her husband
Dave a few times before we were married and learned so much from them.
The way they love eachother , others and the Lord is amazing ! A
testimony of their sacrificial love was the surprise baby shower that
Suzie put on one night at the conference. On top of hosting many
pastors in her home and being in charge of the ambiance for the
conference, she managed to get gifts, a cake and completely decorate
the room! I was so touched at her thoughtfullness and for getting all
of the other conference coordinators together . They even passed
around a baseball for all there to sign! It was so special!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

'Twas the night before Shepherds' Conference

Well everything is almost ready for the big day tomorrow! Everything I was hired to do will come to pass over the next three days. The picture above is of my boss Brent who is his usual relaxed self despite the millions of details that must be running through his head! At 8am tomorrow morning the church will be buzzing as 3,000 men from around the world join together to learn how to serve the church better. We have plans to pamper and serve them as they soak up the rich teaching they will hear. It has been an honor to work towards this conference and be a part of what it does in these guys lives. Many of them are pastors in very difficult situations and in much need of encouragement. The next three days will be an opportunity for them to be taught instead of doing the teaching, which is a rare opportunity for many of them. They will also be surrounded by like minded men who share the same passions they do...how exciting! Please pray for this conference as it represents the local and global church and that the fruit of this conference will bring glory to our great God! Must get to bed!

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