Monday, March 31, 2014


Weston becomes more "boy" every month this much growing up! In January he taught himself to ride his bike without training wheels. No Joke, in one evening he just did it. And he didn't want ANY help! You can see from the blurry action shot above the sheer joy of accomplishment and the new speed of his big kid bike.  Sometimes I get sad thinking about how time fast foes, but honestly each new stage we go through brings so many new joys that the sadness is quickly forgotten. 
Right now we are preparing him to start kindergarten this fall Lord willing and he is an eager learner. Each day he asks so many good questions and I am excited for him to jump into school with both feet. 

My little boys with wings!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Place that I Love

 There is a place I love down a small country road filled with love and memories...this is the home of my Oma and Opa. This visit everything was blanketed in thick white sparkling snow. Grady and I had the chance for a visit to Michigan with my mom and we took it! It was a precious time of snuggling grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and passing Grady from one sweet set of arms to the next.
 Right next to my grandparents' home live my aunt and uncle who so graciously hosted the babe and I, and back when I was a tot, my family lived on the other side of the grandparents...these next pics were from our old back yard. The sunset was breathtaking that night and the pictures don't do it justice.

 Our old home
 My sweet Oma and Opa have not been feeling well lately, so it was a special treat to have them healthy and able to love on us all.

 One of the days Oma taught us how to make her famous Streusal Kuchen-Here she is with her two daughters
 My Opa loved to talk to Grady each day and was eager for "that baby" to come over every morning after breakfast :)
 The cake cooling in the sewing room where Oma has always stashed her treats. As you can see we couldn't resist eating it straight from the oven!

 The negative temps couldn't keep me from tasting a few snowflakes

 First time meeting Grady- the 9th great grandson ( no great granddaughters!)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

1st Trip to the Beach

A couple weekends ago we had the privilege of going to San Diego with a group from our church, and Andrew was the speaker for the weekend. It was gorgeous, as has been this entire "winter" here...this week the weather is finally acting like it should and we are praising God for the much needed rain! But we took advantage of the day and gave Grady his first taste of the sand and sea. He was a tad tired so didn't get too many pics of him, but it's documented anyways :)