Sunday, January 18, 2015

Family photos

Oh these babes. Sometimes I wake up and look in wonder at their little faces and can't believe that I have 3 boys! We haven't had pictures taken of us since Grady was a few days old and we thought it would be fun to have them taken right after our move to remember this special time. It was quite easy to find this location- right behind our house!

It's amazing to think that a few short years ago these little people didn't exist, and now their souls will live forever. It is a heavy responsibility and a joy at the same time to have been entrusted by the Lord with their lives for this time. Andrew reminded us today of the priority of evangelism, especially to our own children. I am freshly encouraged once again to make Christ the center of all that we do and say inside our home and out and pray that one day these seeds will take root in the hearts of our little men.


Omie Susie said...

I have no doubt that little seeds of faith have already been implanted in their hearts. What a joy to be able to watch them grow & flourish through the watering of Gods Word & Holy Spirit!

Mom said...

Dad commented that the scenic location of those great photos taken right in your new back are sure a far cry from your your old backyard in Van Nuys!

Katherine said...