Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It's really fun to be in a place with such dramatic changes in weather. Today was very warm in the low 70's but these pictures were taken just a couple weeks ago from our back yard when the sky still looked smoky gray and the ground was frosted with lingering snow and ice. I'm beginning to realize that I like change- it's a fresh start in a way, no matter what kind of change it is. Good or bad, there is a new beginning within every change. Night to day, year to year, life to death, season to season. And if you are a follower of Christ your life is defined by change. You were once dead in your sins and then raised to life by the power of the resurrection on your behalf...a new person from the inside, born again! Nothing is more important than this kind of change. BUT the One who accomplished this change within us He Himself NEVER changes. Mind blowing

Anyone with little children know about change- little people surprise you every day with their new words and achievements. Grady started walking and Gabriel's vocabulary is blossoming in a most hilarious way. Weston is making new friends and is confident being a big school boy. 
I am so thankful that things don't stay static- hard times are hard, but in them I learn dependance on God and am more thankful for the good times. 
After some of us catching the recent germs floating around, it was nice to get out into the clean Prescott air! We have had so much fun exploring our new city. It has so much to offer, yet is small and comfortable. People smile and chat like you have known them all their lives.  Despite it's perfect outside, underneath people are lost without Christ. I was so saddened last week overhearing the conversation of some pre-teens at the park. The topic and the ease they talked about it was shocking. 
But just as the Lord changed my heart- He can change anyone's heart! 
This weekend our new baby church officially opens it's doors to this community that has captured our hearts and affections. Please pray for us- that the message of Christ would reach those that have never heard it and that people would be changed for the glory of God! 

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Omie Susie said...

And we especially thank the Lord for changing you from Californians to Arizonians!